Roar Coffee Shop

Name: Roar Coffee House and Roastery

Kind: Café

Location: 35°40’33.44″ N 139°46’33.01″ E

Free WiFi: Unknown

Our Rating: ⭑⭑⭑⭑

Worth it? Yep.


Roar Coffee House and Roastery is just northeast of Ginza and just east of Otemachi in Tokyo. Just a few blocks east and you’re there. It’s worth a stop and has a nice laid back interior atmosphere with an authentic roastery feel. Beans are ground live for a fresh cup of coffee.

The shop’s real delight is their wide variety of rainbow-decorated lattes in a dazzling array of colors. Very fun. Worth a quick stop.

They also have Espresso, tea, hot chocolate, and a nice variety of food.


Roar Coffee House and Roastery

ロアー コーヒーハウス&ロースタリー

104-0032 東京都中央区八丁堀2-19-11 1F | 1st Floor
2-19-11 Hacchoubori, Chuou-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 104-0032

TEL 03-5543-6051
営業時間/8:00 – 18:30


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