Mosaic Street, Shinjuku

Name: Mosaic Street

Kind: Shopping

Free Wifi: Yes

Location: 35°41’23.69″ N 139°41’58.57″ E

Station: JR Shinjuku Station

Our Rating: ⭑⭑⭑⭑

Worth it? If you’re in the area.

Updated 8/9/2021


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Just north of the MyLord building near Shinjuku Station is a narrow hidden little shopping street called Mosaic Street. Sandwiched in between MyLord + the Keio Dept. Store, the street contains a variety of shops, restaurants, stores and other attractions.

To get to it, exit the MyLord Bldg. to the north on the 3rd floor, or else head up the stairs/ramp right next to the Keio Dept. store on the northwest side of the station (near the bus pickup area). (The exit is actually called the West Gate).

The street is relatively short and an easy walk so it’s a quick diversion while in Shinjuku.

While you’re in the area, definitely hit the Depachika (food basement) in Keio as it’s out of sight.


The Mosaic St. entrance is just to the left of the Keio Dept. Store on the northwest side of the station. The entrance is just on the left in this photo.

Mosaic St. entrance.

Shinjuku Station entrance just to the left of the Mosaic St. entrance.

Looking back out the entrance to the north. West Gate station exit is straight ahead. Bic Camera and HALC are straight ahead.

On the west side, just before the entrance to MyLord is the very nice Maple Diner.

The view just to the west of the entrance to Mosaic St. – the tall bldg. is the Cocoon Bldg.


In the Keio Dept. Store depachika you will find all kinds of interesting food items such as these giant pizza-sized cookies.


East side of the station. The Keio Dept. Store is the short white bldg. on the left.


Inside the station, waiting on a train.


Shinjuku Station

Yamanote Line

Shinjuku Mylord

Keio Dept. Store

Take a Walk Down Mosiac Road and Pick up Some Delicious Treats along the Way!

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