Huis Ten Bosche’s “City of Silver”

Name: Huis Ten Bosche

Kind: Amusement Park

Location: 33°05’07.68″ N 129°47’18.75″ E

Station: Huis Ten Bosch Station

Free Wifi: Yes

Our Rating: ⭑⭑⭑⭑

Worth it? A must-see.

Updated 2/14/2022


Although this one is in Nagasaki, not in Tokyo, we thought we’d mention it nonetheless because it’s so cool.

Named after a royal palace in The Hague, Netherlands, Huis Ten Bosche is a spectacular amusement park in Nagasaki. There are also smaller ones in Osaka + Nikko (the Osaka one is near Okayama actually).

The park has many themed country-related areas, including a middle-east one, and the one covered in this article – Amsterdam, Holland (which in our opinion is the best of all of them).

The park offers a brilliant winter illumination fair called “Silver City” with over 13,000,000 lights. If you’re in Nagasaki, definitely worth a look.

Also check out the site – lots of cool stuff.



Additional Photos

A few photos from the HTB in Okayama, from some 20 years ago this spring:


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