JOLT the COFFEE Meguro


Kind: Café

Location: 35°37’11.52″ N 139°40’02.40″ E

Stations: Meguro Station

Address: 1-6, Yakumo 3-Chōme, Meguro, Tokyo, Japan 152-0023

Phone: +81 70 4447 2763

Free WiFi: Yes.

Worth it? Yep.

Our Rating: ⭑⭑⭑

Last updated 4/5/22


JOLT the COFFEE is a cool little café in west Meguro worth a look. It’s just on a corner in a residential neighboorhood but has a nice vibe to it.

A few blocks to the west or so is a historical site called Tokoji.

To get to the shop head west on Rt. 312 from Meguro Station, to the intersection at 35°36’56.97″ N 139°40’09.82″ E, then head north for .36 miles. The shop will be on your left.

Also just to the north a few blocks check out Komazawa ’64 Olympic Park, which was built for the 1964 Olympics.



Meguro Area Coffee Guide – Tokyo Coffee


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