Dream Coffee

Name: Dream Coffee

Kind: Cafe

Location: Ikebkuro – around 35°43’52.43″ N 139°42’21.89″ E

Station: Ikebukuro Station

Address: 3-chome-31-10 Nishiikebukuro Toshima City Tokyo-to 東京都 豊島区 西池袋 3-31-10 1F

Hours: [月~金] 8:00AM – 7:00PM

Phone: 03-3983-8818 (+81-3-3983-8818)

Free WiFi: Yes.

Worth it? Do not miss it.

Our Rating: ⭑⭑⭑

Last updated 7/18/2022

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Just 1/4 mile west of Ikebukuro Station (IS) is a little retro cafe called Dream Coffee (ドリームコーヒー). With a relaxed atmosphere, plenty of seating and a late 70’s retro vibe, it’s a fun and easy place to relax. In fact, Dream Coffee opened in 1973 and has been in this location ever since.

Note that the shop does not accept credit cards nor e-cash. Real cash only. Also note the cafe does allow smoking.

It also closes early – around 7:00 PM, which is unusual for a Tokyo cafe.

The shop offers lots of kinds of coffee, but the real treat is the food including egg toast which is out of this world (see 1st vid below from AussieInJapan).


To get to Dream Coffee, head out the Ikebukuro West Gate Park exit on the west side of IS. Continue straight to the west (from 1 block south of Global Ring), past the Bic Camera Annex on your left, past the Marui (OIOI) City Annex, 1 more block west, then at the next corner where the Koban (police box) is, head up the left fork of the road where it splits. Dream Coffee is one more block up on your left on the next corner. The walk is about 1/4 mile.


Marui (OIOI) City Annex. Head 1 more block straight, then fork left.
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Head left at this here Koban where the road forks.


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Ikebukuro Marui

Inside Ikebukuro Station ©2019 tenmintokyo.com
Global Ring


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