Name: Hailey’5Cafe

Kind: Internet Cafe

Station: Ikebukuro Station

Location: Ikebukuro around 35°43’55.23″ N 139°42’49.93″ E

Address: 1-40-2 Ikebukurohata Bld.5.6.7F, Ikebukuro , Toshima-ku, Tokyo, 170-0014, Japan

Hours: 24/7

Free WiFi: Yes.

Worth it? For cheap hack lodgings.

Our Rating: ⭑⭑⭑

Last updated 7/18/2022

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On the east side of Ikebukuro Station, just past the main Yamada Denki building is a small internet cafe called Hailey’5Cafe. It’s upscale, but a little more expensive than most internet cafes in Tokyo. 24 hours will run you about $22 US. The place has a quite nice lounge and coffee shop built in and its fairly quiet.


To get here, head out the main east Ikebukuro Station exit, turn left, head north on the sidewalk, keep going as it winds around, and head east. Then pass both the Bic Camera and Yamada Denki buildings. On your left you’ll pass the Whitening Cafe, then a small traditional restaurant. The entrance to Hailey’5Cafe is the next small entranceway on your left. There’s a large brown sign on the side of the bldg. above the entrance.

The location is convenient + it’s only a couple blocks from the station. Like APA and other business hotels in Japan, these tiny internet cafes are a great way for travelers to save a buck.

Exit Ikebukuro Station east exit, shown here, turn left (north) on the sidewalk facing the ISP portal, pass the PARCO bldg., then head east as the sidewalk winds around. ©2019 tenmintokyo.com
The ISP portal as seen at the east exit. Turn 90 degrees left, head up the sidewalk east. ©2019 tenmintokyo.com
Continue on around east past the Bic Camera shown here on the right. ©2019 tenmintokyo.com
Ikebukuro Station east exit facing south. ©2019 tenmintokyo.com




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