Kind: Food/Entertainment

Where: 35°34’26.40″ N 139°39’37.71″ E

Stations: Musashi Kosugi Station

Free Wifi: Yes

Our Rating: ⭑⭑⭑⭑

Address: 3-chōme-1135 Shinmarukohigashi, Nakahara Ward, Kawasaki, Kanagawa 211-0004, Japan


Hours: Varies – mostly 10:00 AM – 9 PM

Worth it? Absolutely.


GRAND TREE MUSASHIKOSUGI is a 4-story new multi-use complex on the southwest side of Tokyo Bay about 7 miles inland across the Tama River, and just south of Setagaya in Kawasaki City.

There are lots of shops, clothing, loads of cafes and other food, a womens’ floor, a Kinokuniya Books and a home floor.

There’s also a big kids playground on the roof called Grand Green Garden.

Across the street is a huge steakhouse called Steak Asakuma.

To the northwest is a large Ito-Yokado department store (depato in Japanese).

Right next to the Ito-Yokada is another, slightly smaller complex called Kosugi 3rd Avenue. There is also a nearby Maritetsu grocery store, and a DAISO 1¥ shop.

Getting Here

GTM is in Kanagawa, a major southwest ward of Tokyo. The nearest station is JR Musashi Kosugi station just to the north. It’s not too far though – less than 1/4 mile. You’ll need to hoof it south just 2-3 blocks, then hang an immediate left. You can’t miss the huge complex.


If you want a hotel in the area, be sure to check out the Richmond Hotel Premier Musashikosugi just across the street to the east. Very nice and very affordable.

3 Chome-1175-1 Shinmarukohigashi

Nakahara Ward, Kawasaki, Kanagawa 211-0004

More Food

Also be sure not to miss the cool 3 STARS PANCAKE just to the south of the complex. They’ve got some pretty delicious and insane pancake meals.

Just to the north, near the train tracks, also check out the hip little restaurant called NATURA MARKET.

964-7 Shinmarukomachi

Nakahara Ward, Kawasaki, Kanagawa 211-0005

Just to the north of GTM is the Kawasaki City Convention Hall.

GTM is actually run by 7-and-i Holdings (aka 7-11 in the US).



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