The Amazing Shinjuku Station Indoor 3D Viewer

As many of you know, Shinjuku Station is the world’s busiest railway station in the world – processing over 2,000,000 people daily.

Anyone who has traversed the station knows how vast it is, how easy it is to get lost inside, and how long it can take to navigate the multiple levels.

Miles of walkways and cooridoors make it one of the most daunting stations in the entire world.

As we covered years ago in the Shinjuku Superguide, the station is an epic achievement of engineering and functionality.

A New Station Viewer

Now, an amazing new web page and project called Shinjuku Indoor ThreeJS has arrived – allowing you to view, rotate, zoom, and slide the interior of the entire station in a 3D wireframe model.

Based on the Three.js JavaScript framework, the Shinjuku Indoor ThreeJS viewer allows most modern web browsers to view the station in 3D online.

The page also has checkboxes for independently turning each of the station’s 9 leves on and off. You can show and hide each level to see how it fits into the station overall.

While not full of a lot of detail, the transparent wireframe model allows you to visualize and manipulate the station in ways not possible before – simply by clicking and dragging your mouse – as well as providing scale and level relationships not previously possible. Using the viewer you can gain new insights into the station and its layout you would never have realized before.

Using the viewer, you will get a new appreciation of just how awesome this station is, and how the parts all fit together relative to each other. If you have a huge computer display, the view is even better.

You owe it to yourself to check it out.

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