Fussa: Tokyo’s Little America

Name: Fussa

Kind: Town/City

Free Wifi: Yes

Location: 35°44’18.56″ N 139°19’37.28″ E

Stations: Fussa Station, Ōme Line

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Updated 11/15/2021

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Fussa is a little town in far western Tokyo just to the east of Hinode, and just west of Yokota Air Base. Distance from central Tokyo is about 24 miles.

Also of note just to the west is the Tama River which runs north-south.

Fussa Station

Access is by Fussa Station on the Ōme Line. There is actually quite a lot to do around the station itself. The town center is just to the south and easily walk-able from the station. The train ride is about an hour from central Tokyo.

On arrival, head east from the station to the town square. There is a huge SEIYU depato (department store) in the square.

Amazingly, right on the corner at the SEIYU bldg. on the west side is a huge Mr. Donut and a large Dotour café. Both are great + cheap ways to eat. If you’re in the area at Halloween, a stop in the Mr. Donut is a must. There is also a very nice Family Mart just to the south of the square. The side streets around the station are quiet + interesting + make for a nice stroll.

There are a surprisingly large number of interesting stops on the Ome Line, which is operated by JR East – and you can even take the line to its terminus way up in the mountains to the west at Okutama. Nearby is Mount Kumotori.

Expat Heaven

Because of nearby Yokota Air Base, which is jointly run by the Japanese + US governments, there is a large contingent of American expats in the area – most of whom work for the USAF. Locals are friendly and used to Americans, since the base has been there since the 1950’s after World War 2. There are plenty of western restaurants and even western grocery stores in the area. There’s also a large local brewery (Ishikawa Brewery). In fact, there are two breweries in the town – the other one is a Saké brewery.


There are a number of parks + trails in the area.

Just west of the Tama River is a long paved walking path, although it dead-ends into a forest a few miles to the north. It’s still worth a look. The path follows the river + a large forest on the east side.

At the south end of the trail is Fussakanizaka Park (literally Fussa Crab Hill Park). There are open spaces, walkways, and a small garden.

Just to the north along the walking path is a large athletic park called Fussa Athletic Park with a huge soccer field, 4 Tennis courts, and parking.

Just to the southwest of the station is another tiny park with walking trails – Nakabusa Park (around 35°44’12.07″ N 139°19’34.10″ E).


There is all sorts of food in Fussa and you won’t be lacking for finding something good to eat. If you’re in the mood for Italian food, be sure to check out the large + brand new Jolly Pasta about a mile north of the station around 35°45’29.85″ N 139°19’06.31″ E. There is also another smaller SEIYU just to the west, and a Hobby•Off store just to the south. The SEIYU complex also has a wide array of restaurants.

Fusa City Hall

There is also a massive City Hall complex around 35°44’22.07″ N 139°19’42.03″ E to the southwest, which is impressive, although there’s not a lot to do there. It does have a large bike locker, but most spaces are taken by city employees during the week.

Around 35°44’40.95″ N 139°19’27.60″ E to the north is a large SEGA World arcade + amusement center. If you’re into video games, don’t miss it. It also has a SEGA retail shop.

Fussa Kyodo Shiryoshitsu Museum

At the local library is an impressive display of traditional Japanese swords called Fussa Kyodo Shiryoshitsu. Worth a stop in if you have time.


Fussa is a great place for western visitors to live or to visit. If you have a little extra time, also check out the beautiful Hinode to the west, and Tachikawa to the southeast. Tachikawa is much larger – with a population approaching 200,000. Both are interesting, and well worth your time.

If you’re in central Tokyo and looking for a quick getaway to the country, Fussa might be the ticket. You can easily make it out + back in a day if you leave early.

The city also has a website but it’s in Japanese only.





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