Fussa: Tokyo’s Little America

Name: Fussa

Kind: Town/City

Free Wifi: Yes

Location: 35°44’18.56″ N 139°19’37.28″ E

Stations: Fussa Station, Ōme Line

Worth it? Yep.

Our Rating: ⭑⭑⭑

Updated 11/15/2021

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Fussa is a little town in far western Tokyo just to the east of Hinode, and just west of Yokota Air Base. Distance from central Tokyo is about 24 miles.

Also of note just to the west is the Tama River which runs north-south.

Fussa Station

Access is by Fussa Station on the Ōme Line. There is actually quite a lot to do around the station itself. The town center is just to the south and easily walk-able from the station. The train ride is about an hour from central Tokyo.

On arrival, head east from the station to the town square. There is a huge SEIYU depato (department store) in the square.

Amazingly, right on the corner at the SEIYU bldg. on the west side is a huge Mr. Donut and a large Dotour café. Both are great + cheap ways to eat. If you’re in the area at Halloween, a stop in the Mr. Donut is a must. There is also a very nice Family Mart just to the south of the square. The side streets around the station are quiet + interesting + make for a nice stroll.

There are a surprisingly large number of interesting stops on the Ome Line, which is operated by JR East – and you can even take the line to its terminus way up in the mountains to the west at Okutama. Nearby is Mount Kumotori.

Expat Heaven

Because of nearby Yokota Air Base, which is jointly run by the Japanese + US governments, there is a large contingent of American expats in the area – most of whom work for the USAF. Locals are friendly and used to Americans, since the base has been there since the 1950’s after World War 2. There are plenty of western restaurants and even western grocery stores in the area. There’s also a large local brewery (Ishikawa Brewery). In fact, there are two breweries in the town – the other one is a Saké brewery.


There are a number of parks + trails in the area.

Just west of the Tama River is a long paved walking path, although it dead-ends into a forest a few miles to the north. It’s still worth a look. The path follows the river + a large forest on the east side.

At the south end of the trail is Fussakanizaka Park (literally Fussa Crab Hill Park). There are open spaces, walkways, and a small garden.

Just to the north along the walking path is a large athletic park called Fussa Athletic Park with a huge soccer field, 4 Tennis courts, and parking.

Just to the southwest of the station is another tiny park with walking trails – Nakabusa Park (around 35°44’12.07″ N 139°19’34.10″ E).


There is all sorts of food in Fussa and you won’t be lacking for finding something good to eat. If you’re in the mood for Italian food, be sure to check out the large + brand new Jolly Pasta about a mile north of the station around 35°45’29.85″ N 139°19’06.31″ E. There is also another smaller SEIYU just to the west, and a Hobby•Off store just to the south. The SEIYU complex also has a wide array of restaurants.

Fusa City Hall

There is also a massive City Hall complex around 35°44’22.07″ N 139°19’42.03″ E to the southwest, which is impressive, although there’s not a lot to do there. It does have a large bike locker, but most spaces are taken by city employees during the week.

Around 35°44’40.95″ N 139°19’27.60″ E to the north is a large SEGA World arcade + amusement center. If you’re into video games, don’t miss it. It also has a SEGA retail shop.

Fussa Kyodo Shiryoshitsu Museum

At the local library is an impressive display of traditional Japanese swords called Fussa Kyodo Shiryoshitsu. Worth a stop in if you have time.


Fussa is a great place for western visitors to live or to visit. If you have a little extra time, also check out the beautiful Hinode to the west, and Tachikawa to the southeast. Tachikawa is much larger – with a population approaching 200,000. Both are interesting, and well worth your time.

If you’re in central Tokyo and looking for a quick getaway to the country, Fussa might be the ticket. You can easily make it out + back in a day if you leave early.

The city also has a website but it’s in Japanese only.





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The Great Tokyo Donut Post

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Updated 3/12/21

Like the current pancake craze in Tokyo at the moment, Japan is crazy for donuts. There are so many cool donuts in Japan it’s hard to know where to start.

The real donut crazes hit around Halloween + Christmas – 2 major holdays in Japan. Halloween especially is huge. Spring is also a big donut time in Japan – mostly with all kinds of Sakura donuts everywhere.

The biggest donut chain in Japan is Mr. Donut – a US chain that went bankrupt in the US, but was bought by a Japanese company. There are 1000s of Mr. Donut stores all over Tokyo and Japan. We have some more info on Mr. Donut on our other post Inside a Japanese Post Office.

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Mr. Donut right next to Akabane Station in Akabane.

Another Mr. Donut.

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A Mister Donut “set” from back in 2001. Today’s donuts are a bit more colorful + themed.

Donuts @ Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station and it’s underground shopping area, Tokyo Station City are vast and there are lot of doughnut options here:

Angelique New York


Siretoco Factory in Keiyo Street area


The Doughnut Plant: There’s a great little donut shop in Yurakucho called The Doughnut Plant. Well worth a stop. It’s 1 block to the north and west of Yurakucho Station and 1 block west of the Tokyo International Forum around 35°40’35.99″ N 139°45’47.31″ E. They close nightly @ 7PM. Yurakucho is just south of Tokyo Station.

Krispy Kreme: Just to the south of Tokyo Station is Yurakucho Station and right next to its east exit is the ITOCIA dept. store. There’s a Krispy Kreme shop inside.

Yurakucho Station ahead, and ITOCIA dept. store, left.

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Another view of Yurakucho Station right, and ITOCIA dept. store, left, out of view.

ITOCIA dept. store, right.

AkihabaraJack In The Donuts, Mr. Donut + More

Jack In The Donuts: Just outside Yodobashi Akihabara is a small donut shop called Jack In The Donuts. You can watch workers prepare donuts live + they have a great variety of donuts including matcha donuts. The shop is hidden in a small shopping tunnel just on the south side of Yodobashi Camera. Well worth a stop.

There is also a Mr. Donut about 5 blocks northwest of the JR Akihabara Station.

Fukushima Tasting Market: 2 blocks to the east of the Mr. Donut here is the Fukushima Tasting Market which also has a pastry shop with lots of donuts. Well worth a stop and nearby.

Mont-Thabor Tōkyō: A little to the west just across the Kanda River is a shop called Mont-Thabor Tōkyō Waterras Mall Shop. It’s actually in Ochinamizu in the Waterras complex. There is also a Mr. Donut on the north side of Waterras.


To the east of Akasaka near Nagatcho is a small donut shop called Hocus Pocus which is well worth a stop.

Donuts in Ikebukuro

There are no less than three Mr. Donuts‘ in Ikebukuro in western Tokyo. All of them are great. There is also the Roasted Coffee Lab in the Esola complex just across from one of the Mr. Donuts.

There is also a Krispy Kreme shop 2 blocks west of Ikebukuro Station on Mizuki Dori.

Donuts @ Tokyo Sky Tree

At Tokyo Sky Tree there are lots of places to find great donuts. Head into the Solamachi Bldg. next to Sky Tree to discover its food arcade:

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Right out front near the door is this pastry shop with donuts.

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There is also a western-style Krispy Kreme on the Food Marché floor – as well as other donuteries.

Just to the south of Sky Tree is this Mister Donut. There are also a few more to the west on the way to Asakusa.


Halloween is huge in Japan and most cafés go nuts trying to out-do each other in the madness of the Halloween donuts they can come up with. This selection is from Mr. Donut:

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Halloween donuts @ Mr. Donut.

Even chain cafés such as Tully’s gets into the act. There are others in smaller privately owned cafes and smaller places such as Peace and Lamb in Q Plaza in Ikebukuro. There is also a CAPCOM Café in Q Plaza.

Halloween treat coming from Krispy Kreme - Japan Today
Mister Donut - Wikipedia
Mmmm...Donuts... - Mister Donut, Japan. | Mister donuts, Food humor,  Japanese dessert
nekotaro on Instagram: “Halloween Donut :D” | Halloween donuts, Holiday  donuts, Fall donuts


In Kichijoji is a nice donut shop called Arnold’s. They have some very unusual and interesting doughnuts and it’s worth a look.

Courtesy Arnold’s

Floresta nature doughnuts

To the west in Koenji around is Floresta Nature Donuts. Well worth a stop.


For a more upscale doughnut experience, try Antique Ginza 2 blocks east of Yurakucho Station. There’s also a Mr. Donut in Ginza: Mister Donut Ginza Nine.

Dumbo Donuts + Coffee

In Azabujuban is a small donut shop called Dumbo’s. Also worth a stop. Also in Azabujuban is Bryant Coffee.

Harajuku + Omotosando

Higuma Doughnuts + Coffee Wrights

There’s a great little donute shop around 35°40’01.62″ N 139°42’35.34″ E in Omotosando called Higuma Doughnuts along with a coffee shop called Coffee Wrights.

Good Town Donuts Shibuya

In Shibuya there’s a nice spot called Good Town Donuts. They have some very interesting low-sugar Vegan donuts. There’s a good post on the place over at grapejapan.com


If you’re near Yoyogi Station, check out Harrits Donuts & Coffee just to the northeast a few blocks around 35°40’09.07″ N 139°40’56.20″ E. Unfortunately their site is in Japanese only.


Well that’s about it for now. Tokyo is a donut-lover’s paradise and there’s no end to the funny + delicious donuts you can find here. Enjoy!


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Cute bear doughnut from Hokkaido available at Tokyo station





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Name: Kameido

Kind: Town

Location: 35°41’51.07″ N 139°49’35.46″ E

Station: Kameido Station, Chūō-Sōbu Line or Tobu Kameido Line

Free Wifi: Yes

Our Rating: ⭑⭑⭑⭒⭒

Worth it? For a quick trip

Updated 10/1/2020

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Be sure to see our guide to Kameido‘s sister city – Kinshicho to the west.

Kameido (Ka-meh-ee-do) is a small town in east-central Tokyo. About a mile to the west is another popular town called Kinshicho. Kameido is smaller and there’s less to do but it’s still worth a quick stop + look.

Area Layout

Kameido centers around its train station on the Chūō-Sōbu Line and Tobu Kameido Line. To the northeast is the atré shopping mall + center square, and a large Don Quijote and Mister Donut. On the south side of the station there is a huge square-shaped pedestrian walkway next to the Don Quijote. There are also a variety of shops + restaurants under the train tracks.


There’s not a lot to do in Kameido since it’s a very small town, but it’s still worth a look. It’s a bit of an older slightly run-down town that could use a redevelopment, but it’s so small the Tokyo Metro Gov’t hasn’t made that a priority. There’s a big atré shopping mall with various shops right next to the station. There are also a lot of nice restuarants underneath the train tracks.

South of the tracks on one corner there’s a huge Don Quijote 100¥ shop worth a stop. Right across to the east is a huge (and we mean huge) Mr. Donut with every kind of donut you can imagine. The Japanese have an abbreviation word for Mr. Donut: Misado.

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Restaurants underneath Kameido Station.

©2019-2020 tenmintokyo.com

Don Quijote Kameido. Note the walkway.

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Mr. Donut: Misado.

Atré Kameido

To the northeast (right) of the station is a large atré shopping center worth a look. They also have a Tully’s Coffee which has charge ports for your devices. There’s also groceries here. There’s a complete Atre Kameido Floor guide.

There are also a few bus stops in the center square, but their signs are only in Japanese so you’ll need to know where you’re going ahead of time.

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Large atré shopping center just north of the station.

Shopping Street

If you head north from the square where the atré is, there main street is lined with lots of shops – worth a quick walk up + down for a look.

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Cultural Center + Museum

If you head west of the atré, there’s a small cultural center called the Kameido Cultural Center. Right next to that is a bldg. housing a small museum. Both are worth a quick look, although the museum is quite limited.

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Small museum.

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The museum is in this bldg.

To get to the museum cross the square from atré west past this Koban (police box) and head to the building with the triangular earthquake reinforcements on the front shown on the left above.

Well that’s it for Kameido – it’s a small town. So just wander around a bit and have fun exploring.