Name: SWING Café

Kind: Cafés

Location: 3 Locations in Suidobashi, 1 in Shibuya. 35°42’01.36″ N 139°45’17.79″ E

Station: Suidobashi Station, JR Lines, Metro Ginza Line, Metro Marunouchi Line

Free Wifi: Unknown

Site: https://www.shibuya-swing.com/

Our Rating: ⭑⭑⭑

Worth it? Yep.

Updated 8/28/2021

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SWING Cafés are a little chain of retro coffee + beer pubs in west Tokyo south of Tokyo Dome City.

There is also one in Shibuya to the south.

These pubs offer a relaxed atmosphere with jazz music, coffee, and beer.

A great place to unwind or meet your friends.


The closest station to the 3 in Suidobashi is Suidobashi Station on the Metro Ginza Line, or some of the JR lines. The station is east of the area the cafes are in. But you can also get to them from Tokyo Dome City to the north on the Marunouchi Metro Line. From TDC just walk south on Hakusan-Dori for a few blocks – all 3 will be in the immediate area on your right (west).





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