Kit-Kat Chocolatory

Name: Kit-Kat Chocolatory

Kind: Store

Location: 35°40’20.60″ N 139°46’03.05″ E

Station: Yurakucho Station, JR Yamanote Line, Metro Yurakucho Line

Free Wifi: Yes

Our Rating: ⭑⭑⭑⭑

Worth it? Do not miss it.

Updated 12/19/2021


Tucked away a few blocks east of Yurakucho Station in Tokyo is the Kit-Kat Chocolatory – a dazzling shop filled to the rafters with every conceivable kind of KitKat® known to man.

Unlike KitKats in the US – which are mostly just supermarket checkout + Halloween candy items, the KitKats in this shop are over the top – deluxe, upscale, and with 100s of flavors available. Our fav is the Matcha Kitkat. There is another new one of these shops in Shinjuku also.


To get here, get to Yurakucho Station (links above), then head east 2 blocks past the OIOI (Marui) bldg. The shop is just down on your right.

There are also huge stores like this in London, Toronto, Malaysia, and São Paulo, Brazil.

Also see our Yurakucho Superguide.



KITKAT Chocolatory

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