Metro station in Ginza renovated

“Renovated sections of Tokyo Metro Co.’s Ginza Station in the capital’s high-end shopping district opened to the public Friday after roughly three years of work, with new features to showcase the luxury and elegance associated with the area”.

Roar Coffee Shop

Name: Roar Coffee House and Roastery

Kind: Café

Location: 35°40’33.44″ N 139°46’33.01″ E

Free WiFi: Unknown

Our Rating: ⭑⭑⭑⭑

Worth it? Yep.


Roar Coffee House and Roastery is just northeast of Ginza and just east of Otemachi in Tokyo. Just a few blocks east and you’re there. It’s worth a stop and has a nice laid back interior atmosphere with an authentic roastery feel. Beans are ground live for a fresh cup of coffee.

The shop’s real delight is their wide variety of rainbow-decorated lattes in a dazzling array of colors. Very fun. Worth a quick stop.

They also have Espresso, tea, hot chocolate, and a nice variety of food.


Roar Coffee House and Roastery

ロアー コーヒーハウス&ロースタリー

104-0032 東京都中央区八丁堀2-19-11 1F | 1st Floor
2-19-11 Hacchoubori, Chuou-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 104-0032

TEL 03-5543-6051
営業時間/8:00 – 18:30



Venchi sweets @ Otemachi One Tokyo

ヴェンキ 銀座店 Venchi Ginza【Lets】レッツエンジョイ東京

What: Venchi

Kind: Store

Where: Ginza, 2 blocks east of LUMINE35°40’21.50″ N 139°45’53.81″ E

Station: Yurakucho

Our Rating: ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑

Worth it? Yep.

A chocolatier established in 1878 – Venchi – has a great store in Ginza. They also sell ice cream, gelato, and other delicacies.

The store is 2 blocks east of the Yurakucho LUMINE complex. To get there, get off @ Yurakucho Station, head northwest to the large LUMINE bldg, cross the street to the west, and then head west for about 2 more blocks. It’s on your right.

The large LUMINE bldg. is at the end of the street shown above. Venchi is the 3rd shop from the left shown in this photo. Facing west.

There is also a new one in Otemachi One to the northwest, and one in Ikebukuro in the 1st floor basement of the TOBU dept. store (BTW, in general the food basement in the Ikebukuro TOBU is out of this world).




Venchi in Ginza @ Ryoko Traveler


Yurakucho Station facing west. The large LUMINE bldg. is just to the left a few blocks out of frame.

Tokyo Drew covered the Ginza store here:

Tokyo International Forum


Name: Tokyo International Forum

Kind: Venue

Where: Yurakucho, Tokyo 35°40’35.92″ N 139°45’51.03″ E


Just south of Tokyo Station and just west of Ginza is the Tokyo International Forum – a huge modern venue for all kinds of conferences, performing arts, concerts, talks, trade shows, and other activities.

The Forum was completed in 1997 and is spectacular.

Inside there are elevated walkways, a huge cavernous interior and a few restaurants on the lower level. The Forum’s main tourist attraction is its architecture which is designed to look like a large ship and is ultra-modern.

Outside the Forum are all sorts of great restaurants, shops, and other activities. At the South end of the Forum is a large Bic Camera, and Yurakucho Station – the gateway into Ginza which is just to the east.

To get to the Forum you can either get the JR line to Tokyo Station, exit the west (Maronuchi) side and walk south on the sidewalk, or you can get off at Yurakucho Station and then head north under the train tracks, then west and 1 block north to the Forum. Both are very easy to get to and are accessibile.


You can also take the Metro Ginza Subway Line to Ginza Station and exit there, then walk a few blocks south to get to the Forum. The Ginza Station exit is just outside the north Maronuchi-side exit at Tokyo Station, roughly at 35°40’55.82″ N 139°45’57.01″ E. You can also get to the Ginza Line inside Tokyo Station but it requires a long hike through various underground corridors and stairs like this:


Ginza Metro subway line. Ginza (G09) is in the middle of the line, Shibuya on the west, and Asakusa on the east. Another alternative is to take the Maronuchi Line and exit at its Tokyo Station (M17) exit onto the surface and then walk south from Tokyo Station to the Forum:


Maronuchi Line Tokyo Station (M17)


Yurakucho Station. Tokyo International Forum is straight ahead past the tracks. Bic Camera is on the left next to the Forum.


The Forum has a huge lighted glass floor on its north side.


Inside the cavernous Forum.



In the basement of the Forum is the Cafe Lexcel, an upscale division of Doutour. There is also one in Yokohama.

On the west side of the Forum there is an outdoor patio with a line of excellent restaurants, coffee houses, and shops. Definitely worth checking out.


There is also a Shake Shack and an 800 Degrees Woodfired Kitchen on the patio promenade.


Brooklyn Roasting Company is not to be missed.

At the very north end of the promenade there is a JR entrance and downstairs is a New York Perfect Cheese:



Entrance to Tokyo Underground Concourse. You can actually walk underground here all the way to Tokyo Station to the north. Behind it is a Le Meré Poulard – a very upscale French restaurant. The original one is in France and also has a hotel in it. Thanks to Tokyo Drew for this tip.


There is plenty more to do in the area – don’t be afraid to wander around.


Yurakucho Station Christmas illuminations.

Bic Camera + Ginza to the East

If you walk south from the Forum + cross the street, first you’ll come to a large Bic Camera on the corner – well worth a stop:


South end of Bic Camera. Yurakucho Station is on the right.

If you then head east (left) at Yurakucho Station, you’ll come into a small area at the east exit of the station filled with department stores, such as OIOI (pronounced Marui). This is Yurakucho. To get to Ginza, head directly east for 2 blocks. The two areas are right next to each other.


Underneath Yurakucho Station. Ginza is straight ahead (facing east).


Yurakucho Station. Ginza is on the other side. The Forum is 2-3 blocks to the left (north). Under the 2 arches on the left you can cut to the other side. The area on the other side is one of the best trainspotting places in Tokyo – you can watch bullet trains come in and out in both directions.


Ginza east of Yurakucho Station.

Well that’s it for now. Enjoy your trip. There’s loads to do near Tokyo International Forum + the surrounding area.


Tokyo International Forum Official (this page also has a floor guide PDF).

Tokyo International Forum: Marunouchi – Where In Tokyo

JR East

Cafe Lexel

800 Degrees

Ginza-Itchome StationYurakucho Line

Yurakucho Line



John Daub @ TIF.

Tokyo Drew did a walkthrough of TIF in this video around 40:00.