Harumi Island + Olympic Village

Name: Harumi Island

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Location: 35°38’55.76″ N 139°46’24.81″ E

Stations: Tsukishima Station, Yūrakuchō Metro Line, Kachidoki Station, Toei Oedo Line

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Updated 11/2/2021

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Harumi Island is a man-made island just south of the Shiodomé area in southwest Tokyo. It is the 2nd of 2 main northern islands just south of Hamariku Gardens in Tokyo Bay (the northern island is actually 3 smaller islands).

The island is accessible by train, car, bus, bike, or even walking.

To get there, take the Yūrakuchō Metro Line or Toei Oedo Line and exit Tsukishima Station, or Kachidoki Station, respectively. You’ll have to walk a few blocks west, then south, over 1 of the 4 bridges since Tsukishima Station is actually on the island to the north. The Sumida River runs between central Tokyo to the north, and the 2 northernmost islands. There is also a small bridge (Harumi Bridge) to the east which leads onto Toyosu Island.

Area Layout

Harumi Island is to the south at the bottom of the frame. Hamariku Gardens/Shiodome is in the upper left corner to the north.


The 4 bridges from the Shiodomé area (south to north) onto Harumi Island are: Tsukiji Great Bridge, Kachidoki Bridge, Tsukuda Ohashi Bridge, and Chuo Ohashi Bridge to the north. The Chuo Ohashi Bridge leads to and from the Suitengumae area to the northeast. Just across from Chuo Ohashi Bridge is the famous Okawabata Apartment Communities – one of the most famous photo spots in Japan.

If you want to hit Harumi Triton directly (see below), take either Triton Bridge or Seigetsu Bridge from the 1st island south onto Harumi Island.

There are several nice parks, walking paths, high-rise living developments, and multi-use complexes on the island (see below).

There are 4 main areas of interest on the island: from east to west: main corporate/housing area where the Harumi Triton complex is located (see below), Harumi 4, which is light industrial + more housing, a 3rd central area which is nearly all block after block of small apato (apartments), Olympic Village (which was built for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics), and at the far west end Harumi Wharf Park, which is a fabulous park with a circular walking path – and Harumi Passenger Terminal, where the Tokyo Cruise Ship docks.

Harumi Triton

The island’s main attraction is Harumi Triton – a European-flavored multi-use complex including shopping, food, and offices.

The complex’s official website lists attractions. There are lots of restaurants but also a surprising number of cafés, including a very nice Brooklyn Roasting Company on the 2nd floor.

Out by the water on the north side of the complex is a large fountain + flower park.

There’s also a huge bike parking lot.

At the east end of the complex is the Toyota Mobility Pavilion – also known as TOYOPET.

Inside the largest part of the complex is The Square of Myth – a huge ceiling painting depicting Triton – the Greek god of the seas.

Also in the complex is Hot Plaza Harumi – a sauna with various hot baths and a view of Rainbow Bridge from the roof.

Harumi Wharf Park

By far the next most interesting attraction on the island is Harumi Wharf Park – a large green + concrete park on the far west end of the island. There are walking paths, trees, a large open space on the water, and a very nice view of Rainbow Bridge across Tokyo Bay.

There’s an awesome pano of the park here.

Tokyo Cruise Ship + Port of Tokyo

At the southwest end of the island is the Harumi Passenger Terminal, where you can catch the Tokyo Cruise Ship, which is a boat tour on a large glass-ceilinged boat with a 360-degree view. Well worth checking out.

Harumi Passenger Terminal is part of the larger Port of Tokyo, which is one of the largest ports in the world, and was the first intermodal shipping container port in Japan.

In fact, you can book several different kinds of cruises around the area on a small or medium sized chartered boat, or a large houseboat.

For a really awesome guide to these cruises + many others around Japan, check out the awesome CRUISE PORT GUIDE OF JAPAN.

Harumi Furniture Museum

Just to the south of Harumi Triton is the Harumi Furniture Museum which has over 1,700 vintage and replica furniture items – making it one of the largest such museums in Japan.


There are a number of parks scattered all over the island which are worth a look:

Shin Tsukishima Park

At the very northeast end of the island is a 3-diamond baseball park called Shin Tsukishima Park.

Harumi Rinkai Park

To the southwest is another baseball diamond – Harumi Rinkai Park.

Reimei Bridge Park

On the north side of the island is a small walking park with trees called Reimei Bridge Park around 35°39’22.59″ N 139°46’46.95″ E.

Harumi Bridge Park

Just across the water to the east on Toyosu Island is the long narrow Harumi Bridge Park on the water which is very pleasant.

Harumi Greenway Park

On the very southwestcorner + center of the south side of the island is the long, narrow Harumi Greenway Park which has a lattice of walking trails right on the water.

Kachidoki Bridge Museum

If you have a little extra time and take the Kachidoki Bridge across to the islands, check out the tiny Kachidoki Bridge Museum tucked away at 35°39’47.13″ N 139°46’25.04″ E.

Tokyo Olympic Village

For the 2020 Olympics, a large housing complex called Tokyo Olympic Village was built for athletes on the west side of the island. The buildings are now empty but will mostly likely be converted to condos and sold.

Tokyo Metropolitan University Harumi Campus

At the very northeast end of the island is the Tokyo Metropolitan University.


Harumi Island is a beautiful, awesome place to explore. You can walk around, check out Harumi Triton, or just sit at the wharf and take in the view of the bay. Don’t miss it.



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Tokyo Chuou-ku Harumi 5-7-1 (Tsukiji / Odaiba / Bay AreaArea) phone 0335368651 place

[Terminal opening Hours (including observatory)]
[4/1-7/19] 9:00-17:00 (Saturday Sunday Public holiday until 20:00)
[7/20-8/31] 9:00-20:00
[9/1-10/31] 9:00-17:00 (Saturday Sunday Public holiday until 20:00)
[11/1-3/31] 9:00-17:00 (Saturday Sunday Public holiday) (Until 19:00)


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