Tokyo World Gate Café

Name: Tokyo World Gate Café

Kind: Café

Location: 35°40’22.82″ N 139°44’18.09″ E

Stations: Onarimon Station (Toei Mita Line), Tameike-sannō Station, Namboku/Ginza Lines, Kamiyacho Station, Hibiya Line

Free Wifi: Yes

Our Rating: ⭑⭑⭑⭑

Worth it? Yep.

Updated 11/18/2021


Just a stone’s throw north of Toranomon, is the Tokyo World Gate building which contains the fabulous Tokyo World Gate Café + Bakery. The bldg.’s official name is Tokyo World Gate Kamiyacho Trust Tower.

The café offers excellent coffee (coheé in Japanese) as well as other beverages, and great food including sandwiches. You won’t be disappointed. The bldg. is a very modern and sleek affair with nice surroundings. There are also two large gardens + a large bike parking lot around the bldg.


For train access, you have several options: Onarimon Station is the closest station but is only served by the Toei Mita Line. For Metro subway access, the closest station is Kamiyacho Station a block to the east. Use either the Namboku or Ginza Metro Lines for station access. If you’re going to be a little further northeast in Akasaka, then use Tameike-sannō Station on the Ginza or Marunouchi Lines, although it is about a mile walk from Akasaka.

Minato Science Museum

If you’re in the mood for science, head just across the street to the east and stop in at the Minato Science Museum.


If you’re in the area, stop in and have a bite to eat and some of the café’s delicious coheé – Tokyo World Gate Café is worth the stop.


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Kamiyacho Station

Tameike-sanno Sta.



Tokyo World Gate Kamiyacho Trust Tower


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