Claska Hotel Meguro

Name: Claska Hotel Meguro

Kind: Hotel

Location: Meguro @ 35°37’42.82″ N 139°41’40.26″ E

Stations: Meguro Station.

Free WiFi: Yes.

Worth it? Yep.

Our Rating: ⭑⭑⭑

Last updated 4/5/2022


Claska is a new hotel in Tokyo’s Meguro area. It’s just a bit west of Shinagawa, and just south of Yutenji. It’s fully recently remodeled and convenient about 1.3 miles west of Meguro Station down Rt. 312. The hotel also offers the added bonus of free bikes for guests. The interior is really nice and done in neo-post-modern design.

The main downtown area of Meguro is just to the west and is worth a look.

If you’re in the area, also check out Meguro Sky Garden.


Meguro Sky Garden

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