Ariake Garden

Name: Ariake Garden

Kind: Multi-use

Location: Ariake @ 35°38’19.45″ N 139°47’31.62″ E

Stations: Ariake Station (Yurikamome), Kokusai-tenjijō Station, Tokyo Teleport Station (Rinkai Line).

Free WiFi: Yes.

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Last updated 4/9/2022


Ariake Garden is a huge new multi-use complex on the island of Ariake just east of Odaiba in Tokyo Bay.

The complex includes a mall, theater, large garden, a coliseum, and lots of brand new manshons (high-rise apartments).

To get here, take either Yurikamome to Ariake Station or the Rinkai Line to either of the 2 stations mentioned above.

Of course there are many other things to do in the area: Diver City on Odaiba to the west, Tokyo Big Sight to the south, and the Wanza Ariake Bay Mall to the south. In fact, you can take Yurikamome to Tokyo Big Sight Station instead, then walk the few blocks north to Ariake Garden, if you like. There is also a nice large green park one island to the north: Toyosu Roku-chome Park.


“Ariake (有明、ありあけ) is an area in Tokyo, Japan.

It is a part of Tokyo Waterfront Secondary City Center, adjacent to Odaiba.

In Japanese, the word “Ariake” means “Daybreak”, “Dawn”, “Cockcrow”, which is the symbol of “the expectation of a new day”.


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