Diver City

Name: Diver City Tokyo Plaza

Free Wifi: Yes

Location: 35°37’28.42″ N 139°46’32.40″ E

Stations: Odaiba-kaihinkōen Station, Yurikamome Line or Tokyo Teleport Station, Rinkai Line

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Updated 11/17/2021

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Also see our other posts on Odaiba, Toyosu, and Harumi Island. If you want to see the area just across the bay to the north, and how to get the Yurikamome Line, see our post Shiodomé Superguide. Just to the southeast are the Tokyo Museum of Maritime Science and Shiokaze Park, if you have extra time.

Diver City is a large multi-use complex on the man-made island of Odaiba in Tokyo Bay’s northwestern corner. The complex is in the center of the island. To the east of the complex is a huge Ferris wheel, another complex called VenusFort, and to the west of that is a large outdoor park called West Promenade.

To the east is another large park with a huge garden + walkway, and past that, is the Art Bay Café. You can also continue east from there on foot by crossing the Yume no Ohashi Bridge onto Shinonome (named after a World War 2 destroyer of the same name). You can also get to both Shinonome and Tokyo Teleport on the Rinkai Line (Rinkai means “link” in Japanese).

To the northwest are the Fuji TV bldg., and west of that is the huge and spectacular Shiokaze Park.

South of that are the Water + Garden Promenade, and the Tokyo Museum of Maritime Science.


To get to Diver City, you can take the Yurikamome Line to Odaiba-kaihinkōen Station, or you can drive by car via the undersea expressway which exits at the west end of the island. The station is in the northeast corner of the island so plan on walking a few blocks southwest to get to Diver City. However, there’s a closer station – Tokyo Teleport Station near the Tokyo Teleport office complex on the Rinkai Line.

Diver City

The Diver City complex is huge, and features a full-scale replica of a Mobile Suit Gundam robot just outside the complex at the south end. Very impressive.

There’s an official website with a floor guide, but unfortunately there’s no English version, except for this short page.

Note however that opening hours are later – most places in Diver City don’t open until 11:00 AM.

There’s lots of other stuff to do in the area and on Odaiba.


Diver City and Odaiba itself are spectacular and you can easily spend all day or even a few days here and not see it all. It’s well worth a trip if you are in Tokyo. Plan on spending two full days seeing everything.


Additional Photos

View of Tokyo Bay from the Ferris Wheel.

Looking northwest across Odaiba towards Tokyo. The Fuji TV building is the 2nd large bldg. from the left. The Aqua City complex is just west of that.




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