Darcy’s Beer + Burger Ikebukuro

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Name: Darcy’s Craft Beer and Burger

Kind: Restaurant

Location: Ikebukuro, Tokyo @ 35°43’40.07″ N 139°42’48.35″ E

Address: Japan, 〒171-0022 Tokyo, Toshima City, 豊島区Minamiikebukuro, 2−24-1 八大ビル

Phone: 03-5927-8791

Email: Unknown

Free WiFi: Yes

Worth it? Yep.

Our Rating: ★★★

Last updated 9/5/2020

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Darcy’s Craft Beer and Burger is a really great burger restaurant several blocks southeast of JR Ikebukuro Station in west Tokyo. They also sell a variety of craft beer + drinks. It’s 3 blocks southeast of Coffee Valley. Minami-Ikebukuro Park is 2 blocks to the northeast.

They have awesome triple-decker burgers that are really great for around $12-$15. They also have seafood, chicken, and deserts. Tables are indoors and out and they just installed a nice new tile sidewalk out front next to the tables.

Inside is a relaxed bar-type atmosphere with wood paneling, and subdued lighting. You may want to arrive early in the evening because apparently they run out of burgers early.

To get here, exit the east side of JR Ikebukuro Station, head south 3 blocks, east 2 more blocks, then south one more block, then east 2 more blocks. It’s on your left on the corner as you face east.

Ikebukuro facing north. JR Ikebukuro Station is in the upper left corner, Darcy’s is on the corner of the small white building in the lower right. Coffee Valley is just one block to the northwest.






Tokyo Drew has a vid showing Darcy’s:

Brozer’s Burgers @ Tokyo Sta.

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Name: Brozer’s

Kind: Food

Where: Takashimaya Annex Bldg. @ 335°40’50.80″ N 139°46’21.81″ E

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Just a few blocks east of Tokyo Station, on the top floor of the Takashimaya Annex Bldg. is a fabulous burger place called Brozer’s. This place is an absolute must-see in Tokyo.

They’ve got a wide variety of food including big burgers, chicken, and grilled cheese, as well as salads, sandwiches, and loads of drinks. Well worth checking out. A big burger plate with fries will run you about 1200¥ ($12) – more with drinks or desert. But….. for dessert you might want to instead stop just north of Tokyo Station at Sarabeth’s, which is a little more spendy, but worth it. After walking all day, you’re going to need food and lots of it. Brozer’s fits the bill.

There is also one in Ningyocho.

The one near Tokyo Sta. is easy to get to:

Exit Tokyo Sta. on the Yaesu (east) side. You’ll come out roughly on the right below:

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Tokyo Sta. Yaesu side north east exit.

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Just across the street you’ll see the entrance to this tree-lined side street. Wait for the light, head over, and stay on the left sidewalk.

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Cruise on down the street past the Yaesu Terminal Hotel on the left.

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You’ll be on this here tree-lined street. Head east 2 blocks or so.

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At the next mega-intersection hang a left. Go north past the large Takashimaya Bldg. on the right (shown above), up to the Takashimaya Annex Bldg (“Takashimaya SC”) one block north. It’s the smaller grey bldg. with the rounded corner. Head in the large glass door at the rounded corner. Brozer’s is on the top food court floor.

Another view @ night. The entrance is the round corner on the bldg. @ the next intersection. Also note the Metro station entrance on the sidewalk on the left.

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Take an elebator (elevator in English) or wind your way up through the various stores on escalators. As you exit the escaltors at the top Brozer’s is on the left.

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Wait to be seated. Grab a drink @ the bar if you like.

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Order and chow down. After a full day of walking, you can easily eat all this food in a few minutes – tripple decker homburg (hamburger), fries and rings, pickles, and a full grilled chesse on toast. Around $12 total. You may even still be hungry after all this so get ready for seconds, or for dessert. You can order up until 10:00 PM (22:00 as they say in Japan). Enjoy!

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