SEIKO Museum Ginza



Name: Seiko Museum Ginza

Kind: Museum

Location: 35°40’19.38″ N 139°45’51.25″ E

Address: 4-3-13 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061

Station: Ginza Station, Marunouchi Line (M16) or Ginza Line (G09)

Free Wifi: Unknown

Our Rating: ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑

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Last updated 10/30/2020

About 2 blocks south of Tokyu Plaza in Ginza is a great SEIKO watch museum. It’s worth a quick stop if you are in Ginza. The museum closes @ 5:30 PM most days. Note you must reserve your visit in advance. The museum is on Chuo-Dori Ave. and is one block north of the famous Wako Bldg. at Ginza Crossing on the same side of the street. As an interesting historical note, the Wako Bldg. was originally created by SEIKO founder Hattori Kintaro:

“By 1881 his watches were so well made that they were given as gifts by the Imperial Household. He named his watches Seiko, meaning ‘precision’, a name and a reputation they have maintained.”

Tokyo: A Cultural Guide to Japan’s Capital City, by John Martin & Phyllis Martin, 2013

Getting Here

To get here either take the Metro Marunouchi Line or Ginza Line and exit Ginza Station. You’ll need to look for the exit signs underground. There are 2 station exits right on the block where the museum is. Alternately, you can take the JR lines to Yurakucho Station, exit to the east 2 blocks, then walk south about 3-4 blocks. The museum is on the east (left) side of the street as you walk south. If you’re up for a longer walk or are farther north, you can exit Tokyo Station and walk south since the Yurakucho area is just south of that.

The museum featues Seiko watches + clocks as well as some other older antique clocks from Japan (Wadokei). The museum also contains Japan’s First Alarm Clock from 1899.

Have fun and enjoy a little SEIKO history.

SEIKO Museum Ginza

4-3-13 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
TEL 03-5159-1881



Ginza Metro Line entrance. The Ginza Station is roughly in the center of the line.


West side of Yurakucho Station facing southeast. Pass through the station, head 2 blocks east, then 3-4 blocks south to get to the museum. Just a block beyond that to the south is Ginza Crossing.


Just to the east of Yurakucho Station facing northwest. Head right (east) here to reach Chuo-Dori, then head south.


Just to the east of Yurakucho Station @ Ginza Ini facing south on Chuo-Dori. The watch museum is straight ahead about 5 blocks. Yurakucho Station is to the right 2 blocks.


Facing south on Chuo-Dori. Tokyu Plaza is the large black bldg. on the right, and the SEIKO museum is down about 3 blocks on the left. Yurakucho Station is to the right 2 blocks.

Yurakucho Station facing north as viewed from LUMINE Dept. Store just to the south. The museum is to the right, then south. The tall clear glass bldg. just beyond the station is the Tokyo International Forum. Just to the left of that is a large Bic Camera. North of that is Tokyo Station and the Marunouchi financial district.


Tokyo a Cultural Guide: A Cultural Guide to Japan’s Capital City

Okamura Chair Museum Akasaka

Name: Okamura Chair Museum

Kind: Museum

Location: 35°40’30.53″ N 139°44’19.80″ E

In Akasaka – just behind Japan’s central gov’t area, along Sotobori-Dori is a chair museum by the company Okamura. This company has made office chairs in Japan for decades as well as some of the car seats for early Honda and Toyota cars.

To get there turn south at the intersections of Aoyama-Dori and Sotobori-Dori in Akasaka, head past the large Bic Camera, then about 2.5 blocks south, and it will be on your left.

It’s shown here with a reverse view looking north – it’s on the right with the red sign, and Bic Camera is up on the left with the red sign on top.

To get there by Metro subway, exit at Tameike-Sanno station (Ginza Line 06 and Namboku Line 06), turn left, head one block south, turn right (north) onto Sotobori-Dori, then head north 2 blocks. It will be on your right. It’s only 3 blocks from the station.

It closes early though 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM most days. There’s a helpful information desk on the 2nd floor. Enter through the automatic sliding glass doors, and head up the stairs.

There’s a fair amount of other things to do in the area – across the street are the TBS HQ, a nice shopping arcade called Akasaka Sacas, and to the south Akasaka Intercity Air, as well as Toranomon Hills futher south on Sotobori Dori. If you go far enough south on Sotobori Dori, you will end up in Shimbashi near the Shimbashi JR station. Tokyo Metro Ginza Line 08 also stops there.

There is also a very cool small backstreet lined with shopping, restaurants, and hotels one street west of the Bic Camera building which you can enter at 35°40’39.74″N 139°44’10.63″E. Well worth a look.

Roppongi Hills and Ark Hills are just a few miles further west.

A massive Family Mart at 35°40’24.39″N, 139°44’19.62″E, and a Japan Post office right across the street from that.

First Cabin Akasaka is also close by (35°40’22.56″N, 139°44’15.66″E).


Sotobori-Dori west of central gov’t buildings shown above, to the south of the museum.



All eyes on Akasaka


Akasaka Sacas

Akasaka Sacas @ tripadvisor

First Cabin Akasaka


This vid shows some of Okamurua’s cool stuff.