Kinshicho Superguide


Name: Kinshicho

Kind: Town

Location: 35°41’48.26″ N 139°48’52.14″ E

Station: Kinshicho Station (Z13), Hanzomon Line, JR Chuo Line or Sobu-Chuo Line

Free Wifi: Yes

Our Rating: ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭒

Worth it? Well worth a short trip

Updated 8/30/2021


About a mile south of Tokyo Sky Tree in east central Tokyo is the town of Kinshicho. A small town centered around the JR Kinshicho rail station, Kinshicho offers a variety of department stores, movie theaters, grocery stores, a large outdoor park, and various other restaurants and shops. The town is compact enough to see in less than a day, and is worth a short day trip. It’s also close enough to walk to from Sky Tree to the north.

Getting there

Take the Hanzomon Metro line to Kinshicho Station (Z13), or take the JR Chuo Line or Sobu-Chuo Line to Kinshicho Station and exit. There are exits on the street on the northwest side and in the basements of some of the large department stores. There is also a street-level exit on the west side of Kinshi Park at the northeast end of the town. The main JR Station sits below and underground beneath the TERMINA department store.

Area Layout

The town is roughly laid out in a grid or square less than .5 miles across. The station is in the center, with the TERMINA department store to the southwest, PARCO store complex to the southeast, AraK!T complex to the northwest and Kinshi Park to the north east (center right in this photo). To the east about a mile is the sister city of Kameido also with a JR station. On this map, Sky Tree is vivisble just a the top of the photo. The JR line tracks are visible in the lower center of the photo – just north of the main square.

TERMINA, PARCO, OIOI Department Stores

The central town area contains 3 main complexes as well as other side streets and shops. The main complexes are TERMINA, PARCO, and OIOI (pronounced “Marui”) department stores (depato in Japanese). The main east-west route at this intersection is Rt. 465. If you head west down Rt. 465, you’ll come to the fabulous Edo-Tokyo Museum, and the Hokusai Museum, both of which are located in the Ryogoku area, which also has a huge Sumo stadium.






OIOI (Marui) across the street from the JR Kinshicho Station.



TERMINA also has a nice food court basement called FOOD GARDEN.


In the basement of the PARCO is a SEIYU discount grocery store. There’s also a Metro subway entrance here. SEIYU has some great midnight grocery sales where you can find food cheap.


This box of butter cookies is only around $.80 cents.


In the basement of OIOI is this great Japan Meat which also has midnight sales.


Just down the street is the Veggie House restaurant.


Just to the south of the main area.

Japan Post Office


Also in the PARCO bldg. is a very nice Japan Post office.

Courtesy Totally Drew

Tokyo Sky Tree visible from Kinshicho streets.

Kinshi Park + OLINAS Core

On the northeast part of the town is a large park called Kinshi Park, which is popular with families. The park features a spectacular view of Tokyo Sky Tree. Just to the north of the park is a large mixed-use center called OLINAS Core. There is also a free parking lot at OLINAS Core but only if you purchase over 15,00¥ worth of merch from any single shop. Interesting shops include a YAMADA Denki (electronics), a Seria 100¥ shop, a NITORI furniture shop, a Taito Game Station, and a TOHO Cinema. There is also a large baseball field, tennis courts, and gymnasium.

Kinshi Park. OLINAS Core is the glass bldg. shown here on the north end. Tokyo Sky Tree is about a mile to the north.


Kinshi Park looking south. OLINAS Core is on the left, out of view. The station is straight ahead.


Kinshicho Station on the Hanzomon Line. Also note the Yamato Transport office with the yellow-green sign on the right. The tall bldg. is the LOTTE City Hotel, which has spectacular views of Tokyo Sky Tree.




Inside OLINAS Core


Also inside OLINAS Core is a Baskin Robbins (which is known in Japan simply as 31), featuring the one-of-a-kind Pikachu Thunderbolt Fruit Mix ice cream.


As a footnote, diagonally opposite Kinshi Park is a very nice multi-level Doutour coffee shop which has a variety of quick decent food cheap.


Doutour lettuce hotdog + coffee: less than $5.

ArcaK!T + Park

To the northwest of the station is another shopping complex called ArcaK!T which has a multitude of shops + cafés as well as a very nice organic Life Grocery. There’s also a small concrete park here.


There is plenty of food around Kinshicho. All the depatos have multiple floors of great restaurants, cafés, steak and noodle places – just about aything you want. Lots of great grocery stores too.


Another Doutour – in the basement of the PARCO.


Just to the left of JR Kinshicho Station is Café Le Monde. Just to the left of the café is a long shopping street.


Most of the department stores have fabulous food basements (deepchika) where you can get all kinds of specialty foods, snacks, desserts, and gifts.


Butter Pancake @ PARCO

In the PARCO department store is a nice pancake shop called simply Butter which serves stacks of a dozen pancakes with fruit, whipped cream, and other goodies:


Crazy stacks of a dozen pancakes with fruit, butter, syrup, whipped cream, ice cream @ Butter in PARCO. Get ready to walk that 15 miles to walk it off.

Rakeru @ OIOI Kinshicho

Also in the OIOI bldg. is Rakeru. While not particularly high-end, this quaint western-style restaurant serves a variety of pancake plates with fruit, ice cream, whipped cream, and other toppings. Prices range from $6-$18. Not a bad little shop. There are loads of other nice restaurants on this floor also.


Thai Restaurant Keawjai

Thai Restaurant Keawjai

About 2 blocks west of the town center on Rt. 465 is the really awesome Thai Restaurant Keawjai. It’s right down from the corner around 35°41’45.61″ N 139°48’42.56″ E. Head west on 465 then turn north (right) up a side street. It’s on the left. It’s 1 block south of the ArcaK!T complex. From the street you will have a clear view of Tokyo Sky Tree to the north.

There is also a nice AEON supermarket in Kinshicho not too far away.

East to Kameido

If you head east down Rt. 465 and cross the Jokojikken River at the Matsushiro Bridge, you’ll come to Kinshicho‘s sister city Kameido. We have another post on Kameido. It’s a smaller town and there’s not as much to do, but it’s less than a mile from Kinshicho so if you have time it’s worth a short hike. There is a station there but it’s only served by the Tobu Kameido Line and Chūō-Sōbu Line. There is no Metro stop. The 3 biggest features of Kameido are the atré shopping plaza, the huge Don Quijote 100¥ shop, and huge Mister Donut right across from each other.

Heading west on Rt. 465. Kameido is just ahead.


On the way you’ll pass numerous apartment buildings, and pass through this tunnel. This photo is facing back west towards Kinshicho.

Harley Davidson Kameido

On the way you’ll also pass a very nice Harley dealer.

That’s it for now. Enjoy Kinshicho!



Coffee Valley Ikebukuro

Name: Coffee Valley

Kind: Café

Location: Ikebukuro, Tokyo @ 35°43’39.67″ N 139°42’47.06″ E

Address: 2-26-3 Minamiikebukuro
Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-0022

Phone: 03-6907-1173


Free WiFi: Yes

Worth it? A must-see

Rating: ★★★★

Last updated 6/28/2020



Coffee Valley, Ikebukuro – A must-see.

Tucked down a little hidden side-street, 2 blocks from Tokyo’s JR Ikebukuro Station is one of the city’s best cafés: Coffee Valley Ikebukuro. This place is a must-see for anyone visiting Tokyo.

Coffee Valley offers gourmet coffees of all kinds, and small snacks such as pastries. It has an exceptional interior with rustic wood + nice lighting. Staff is very friendly. There is seating on the second floor with large windows with lots of light.

The quality of everything here is superb. This is one Tokyo café that is not to be missed. It’s well worth a trip to Ikebukuro just for the café alone, but if you’re in the area sightseeing anyway, you’ll definitely want to stop in.


Take the JR Yamanote Line to JR Ikebukuro Station and exit the main east exit to street level. You can also take any of the connecting Metro Subway lines to any of the major stops on the Yamanote Line or Saikyo Line, change at Shinjuku, Shibuya, or Harajuku/Omotosando, and then get the Yamanote Line to Ikebukuro.

After exiting, turn right onto the sidewalk (south):


JR Ikebukuro Station east exit. Head south as you exit (to your right as you face the exit from the inside, or straight ahead down the sidewalk in this photo).

Proceed 1.8 miles south. You’ll pass the large SEIBU + PARCO depato (department stores) as you go. As of this writing at the 1.8 mile point, you will see a large Starbuck’s in front of you on the corner across the street. Turn left (east) at this light (you’ll see a Komedia’s Coffee on the 2nd floor in the bldg. in front of you). Cross at the light. On the ground floor of this bldg. there will be a Yahoo! and a SoftBank. At this corner there will be a tiny narrow side street on your left. Head down it:


Look for the tiny side street next to the SoftBank/Yahoo! bldg.

Go a block and the street will curve around to the right. Keep going and cross the next street also. You will see a Caffé Veloce on the corner on the right, and a Yoshinoya on the corner on the left. Enter the next small street straight ahead and Coffee Valley will be just inside on your left. Can’t miss it.


Abandon all other coffee places, ye who enter here. Coffee Valley is just down the alley ahead on the left.


There is another railway + station in IkebukuroThe SEIBU Railway line which exits just to the south of the JR Ikebukuro Station on the same street.

Town Layout

JR Ikebukuro Station is shown on the left. The JR Ikebukuro Station east exit is just to the left of the small square in the upper center of the map shown above. The main street runs roughly north-south. Coffee Valley is shown at the placemarks in the lower right corner.

Additional Photos


Main street in east Ikebukuro. The JR Ikebukuro Station is up on the left. You’ll exit here, and head down the street on your left (towards the camera in this photo).


Coffee Valley

COFFEE VALLEY – Tokyo [Good Coffee]

JR-EAST Ikebukuro Station

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Official Nintendo Store Opens


Last updated 6/21/2020

Top Things to do in Tokyo: Nintendo Tokyo

Video game maker Nintendo opened its first official store in Shibuya in Nov. 2019. If you’re in Shibuya, check it out.

It’s in the PARCO bldg. @ 35°39’43.64″ N 139°41’56.36″ E – just south of Hotel Koé.



Ojima Komatsugawa Koén

Name: Ojima Komatsugawa Koén

Kind: Park

Location: 35°41’29.71″ N 139°51’07.44″ E

To the southwest of Tokyo Sky Tree, along the banks of the Arakawa River is Ojima Komatsugawa Park, in Tokyo’s Koto Ward.

This is a massive park with all kinds of walking trails, bridges, lawns, and gardens.

The park design has a somewhat Soviet feel to it – very spartan, concrete, and modern, but interesting nonetheless. It’s well worth a day trip.

Higashi-Ojima Station on the Toei subway system is just to the east, right near the river.

If you are coming from Sky Tree, there are two possible trips – you can take Rt. 453 down, southeast, and the park will be to your left, but a better way from Sky Tree is to take Yotsume Dori south, stop first at Kinshi Park, then check out the area around Kinshicho Station 1 block to the south, then continue south a few blocks to Sarue-Onshi Park, check it out, then head east on Shin-Ohashi Dori (Rt. 50) all the way into Ojima Komatsugawa Park.

This might sound like a lot but it’s not really – the distances are only a few miles and if you get tired you can stop at one of the parks, or shopping malls to rest. You can also take a train to Kinshicho Station and then head east to the park. The area around Kinshicho Station is definitely a must-see.

Also, 1 block north of Kinshi Park is Olinas Core – a major shopping area worth a look. There’s a nice Yamada Denki store here as well. 2 blocks to the south is a big 3-story Doutour cafe.

Doutor @ Kinshi Park. Olinas Core is visible on the right up the street 1 block, facing north.

Also just a little east of Kinshicho Station is Komeida, another area worth looking at. There’s a small Don Quijote store here, and a Mr. Donut right across from it.

You can do all these on the way to the park, or just cruise through them for a look on your way. On bike the entire trip is only a few hours, on foot, a day-trip and back.

Ojima Komatsugawa Park is shown at the lower right corner next to the Arakawa River. Sky Tree is northwest – in the upper left corner, Kinshi Park is in the center left, and Sakuae Park is in the lower left. Rt. 50 runs left to right (west to east).

As you approach the park, 1 block before the entrance is a huge apartment complex with a Mr. Donut, MOS Burger, post office, and Aeon supermarket on the ground floor:

This is facing north. When you arrive here, continue east (right) for 1 block until you come to the park entrance.

Continue east on 50 and you’ll come to a big curve which veers south. This is where the park entrance is. Head up the stairs and into the park:

Next, you’ll come to a big tiled overpass. Cross over, head straight, and you’ll enter the circular path that rings the park:

Walk along the ringed path, and you’ll be in the park. Sky Tree is still visible in the distance to the northwest.

Park layout. The long tiled walkway after the entrance is shown in the upper center of the above map – just to the left of the large walkway ringing the park. Rt. 50 is just below it.

After the park, go back the way you came, hit the MOS Burger or Mr. Donut for some refreshment, then head back to your original location – or head back to Kinshicho and check out some of the shops at PARCO, Marui (OIOI), or Termina right near the station. There is also a very good SEIYU discount grocery in the basement of the PARCO complex.

As a footnote, on Rt. 50 (Shin-Ohashi Dori), between Sarue Park and Ojima Komatsugawa Koén is the futuristic capsule hotel, Moon Station Hotel located at 35°41’22.61″ N 139°49’37.57″ E. This is a mixed and women-only luxury capsule hotel with futuristic deluxe and small rooms with ambient lighting and a space-station design. Capusles are fairly cheap – ranging from $42-$78/night. Another futurisitc oddity that could only happen in Japan.



Arakawa, Tokyo