Name: Kudanshita

Kind: Town/City

Free Wifi: Yes

Location: 35°41’44.37″ N 139°45’05.56″ E

Stations: Kudanshita StationTozai Line, Hanzomon Line, Chuo-Sobu Line for Tsudanuma, Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line for Nagatsuta and Chūō-Rinkan

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Updated 9/12/2021

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Kudanshita is a small area of Tokyo sandwiched in between Tokyo Dome City on the north, and Kitanomaru Park on the south.

Oddly, the name Kudanshita means 9 Levels Hill.

There’s not a huge amount to do in the area.

The most important sights nearby are the controversial Yasukuni Shrine to the west, and the Imperial Palace grounds to the south.

There is also a large science museum called simply The Science Museum.

You can also enjoy the long walks north to Tokyo Dome, or southeast to the heart of Tokyo in Otemachi and Marunouchi.


To get to Kudanshita, take the Metro Tozai Line or Hanzomon Line to Kudanshita Station (T07/Z06). You can also easily walk fro Tokyo Dome City, Jimbocho to the east, or Ichigaya to the west.

Also check out our post about all the stops along the Hanzomon Line.

If you’re in the area, stop in and have a walk around.


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