Jimbocho: Tokyo’s “Book Town”

Name: Jimbocho

Kind: Town

Free Wifi: Yes

Location: 35°41’45.95″ N 139°45’41.43″ E

Station: Jimbocho Station, Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line

Worth it? For a nice stroll, books, music, or sports.

Our Rating: ⭑⭑⭑⭑

Updated 3/12/2021

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Jimbocho is a small town in north central Tokyo about 1/2 a mile to the north of the Imperial Palace and the Otemachi area. It’s known as Tokyo’s book town. But it also has a wide variety of sports + music shops – especially for skiing and snowboarding. You can spend a whole day strolling east-west on Yasukuni-Dori Ave (Rt. 403). checking out the shops. There are endless bookstores in the area with every kind of book imaginable.


To get to Jimbocho, take the Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line and get off at Jimbocho Station. You can also easily walk/bike from Akihabara/Otemachi/Tokyo Dome City.

Area Layout

Central Jimbocho facing north. Yasukuni-Dori runs east-west in sort of an inverted arc shown here running throught the center of town. This street is lined with endless sports/book/music shops, cafés, and restaurants. To the north is Ochanomizu, to the east (right) is Akihabara and Kanda, and to the south is Otemachi and the Imperial Palace. Tokyo Dome City is to the northwest, out of frame.

Extended view facing north. Jimbocho is in the center, Akihabara on the right, TDC at the upper-left, and Imperial Palace to the south, just out of view.

The central + west side of Jimbocho is better described in our Kanda Superguide. We’ll detail just the basic area here. Essentially Yasukuni-Dori (Rt. 403) runs east-west in an arc through the center of town.

There are endless backstreets + streets full of book stores. Most of the major sporting + music shops are along Yasukuni-Dori. There are dozens of interesting guitar shops along the way.

The Hidden Pedestrian Side Street

At around 35°41’43.31″ N 139°45’39.23″ E – just across from a Xerbio Sports store and right next to an ABC-Mart shoe store is the entrance to a charming little side street off-limits to vehicle traffic. There are dozens of nice restaurants + cafés and other shops up + down this street. If you walk this street a few blocks to the west and then turn right on Rt. 301 (Hakusan-Dori) it will take you right into TDC. Turning left on the main street next to ABC instead of taking the side street will lead you to glitch Coffee (discussed next). If you continue walking far enough south past glitch Coffee it will take you to the Imperial Palace and Otemachi.

This street is shown in the 1st video below by NIPPON WANDERING TV.

glitch Coffee

At around 35°41’37.52″ N 139°45’40.50″ E just to the south of Yasukuni Dori is glitch Coffee. The shop is excellent, but’s in a run-down non-descript old office bldg. with only a sign in the window. Don’t let the appearance fool you – it’s worth a trip. See our full review.

Facing north into Jimbocho from Otemachi. glitch Coffee is the small pink bldg. on the right. Yasukuni-Dori is just a few blocks straight ahead.

Yonemoto Coffee Shop

At around 35°41’32.82″ N 139°45’48.60″ E just to the south a few blocks off Yasukuni-Dori and several blocks east of glitch is the Yonemoto Coffee Shop – it’s on a corner and a very nice place to rest + get a brew. It’s popular with early-morning local workers. There is a larger main shop by the same company east of Ginza near Tsukiji.

Yonemoto Coffee Shop – just a few blocks east of glitch.

4-11-1, Tsukiji, Chuo 104-0045 Tokyo Prefecture+81 3-3541-6473

WATERRAS + Ochanomizu

If you walk a mile or so west on Yasukuni-Dori, then turn north (left) onto Rt. 405 (Sotobori-Dori), you’ll come to the sister city of Ochanomizu where there is a spectacular complex called WATERRAS around 35°41’50.39″ N 139°46’03.98″ E. There is also a very nice organic Olympic grocery in the basement of WATERRAS. If you’re up for a bit of a walk, WATERRAS is worth the quick tirp.

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Just to the west of WATERRAS 2 blocks is a Greek Orthodox church with spectacular Russian architecture called Holy Ressurection Cathedral.

North to Ueno, east to Akihabara.

If you head north of WATERRAS and cross the Kanda River, then head onto Rt. 452 north for about 1 mile you will come to the famous Tokyo district of Ueno.

You can also cross the Kanda River, then head east a few blocks, then north a few blocks again to Akihabara which is only a few miles to the northeast.

Additional Photos

Facing west on Yasukuni-Dori. Note the sidewalk Metro portal on the right.

Head north off Yasukuni-Dori here for WATERRAS.


Jimbocho is a nice little town worth a stroll. It’s usually low-tourist, and low-crowd, which makes it easy. It’s well worth a quick trip or day trip from any of the other local major areas such as Otemachi, Akihabara, or TDC. Check it out.


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©2019-2020 tenmintokyo.com

Name: Ootemori

Kind: Shopping/Mixed Use

Location: 35°41’06.13″ N 139°45’56.04″ E

Station: Tokyo Station, Otemachi Station (C11) on Metro Chiyoda Line

Free Wifi: Yes

Our Rating: ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑

Worth it? Do not miss it.

Updated 10/24/2020

Just 2 blocks east of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo is a fabulous mixed-used shopping/food complex called Ootemori. The complex is embedded in the Tokyo Metro’s Otemachi Station. It’s also reachable from Tokyo Station via a long labyrnth of underground tunnels, stairs, and escalators inside the station. For those not familiar with the area, the central part of Tokyo has 4 small sub-areas: Marunouchi where Tokyo Station and the financial district are, Otemachi, just to the northeast a few blocks, the Imperial Palace area just to the west, and Yurakucho just to the south. Underground, Tokyo Station and Otemachi Station are linked with vast levels of buildings, tunnels, escalators, and walkways.

Getting Here

The easiest way to Ootemori is to take the Metro Chiyoda, Hanzomon, Marunouchi, or Tozai Line and get off at Otemachi Station. You can exit above ground and walk to the building, or you can brave the long tunnels underground to get to it. You can also get here from Tokyo Station by following the underground signs to the Hanzomon Line, but that approach is quite a hike – several miles. You can also exit Tokyo Station to the street, and head northwest on surface sidewalks to reach Ootemori.

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Metro line map for 3 of the 4 lines. Otemachi Station is roughly mid-way on each line, shown here in red on each line map.

The complex + station is a vast 6-level labyrinth that overwhelms any first-time traveler to the area. It will take several trips through the complex before you become thoroughly familiar with all its intricacies. All 4 Metro lines are on different levels. The Marunouchi platform was recently renovated for the 2020 Olympic Games. There are over 100 exits in the station.

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Entering Ootemori complex underground from Tokyo Station. Ootemori features spectacular soaring ceilings, and food/shopping galore. Do not miss it.

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One of many long underground passages from Tokyo Station to Otemachi Station.

©2019-2020 tenmintokyo.com

Otemachi Station street-level entry/exit. There are several such exits at street level around the Otemachi area.

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Ootemori is housed in the B1 level of this bldg. in central Tokyo. But the complex and station levels span miles below the surface streets.

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The Marunouchi side of Tokyo Station at night, facing northeast. Otemachi is to the northwest (left) of this photo. There are vast underground tunnels connecting the two areas beneath the station. To the south (right) is Yurakucho, and beyond that, Ginza to the east.

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Ootemori is beneath this bldg. in Otemachi.

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Inside one of many soaring office bldgs. in Otemachi.

Otemachi 1st Square

Just 1 block back to the west from Ootemori is Otemachi 1st Square – another large mixed use complex filled with great shopping + food. There is also a small outdoor park between the two bldgs. If you’re at Ootemori, it’s worth a stop too. Around Halloween time there’s a huge outdoor Halloween festival @ Otemachi 1st Square, so if you’re in the area around that time, be sure to stop by.

Marunouchi OAZO

1 block diagonally to the southeast of Ootemori is another nice mixed use complex called Marunouchi OAZO. It’s also worth a look, although there’s not as much to do @ Marunouchi OAZO as at the other 2 complexes. Marunouchi OAZO is mostly a mixed use corporate office park so the focus is more on work, but there are some things here worth a quick look.

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Marunouchi OAZO complex. There are interesting shops on the 1st floor and a restaurant level on the top floor. There’s also a hotel here.

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Otemachi One

2 blocks to the northeast of Ootemori is the new Otemachi One mixed-use complex which is a great new attraction in the Maronuchi area. Built in 2017, this new complex is definitely worth a stop. The new complex features a new 2-block park + water park for visitors to relax around, a Four Seasons Hotel, and a host of other shops, cafés, and amenities.

You can spend hours or even days wandering around the subterranean levels in Ootemori exploring all it has to offer. Dozens of great restaurants, cafés, and shops abound.

Additional Photos

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Newly renovated Marunouchi Line platform. This level is one of many connected together inside Otemachi Station and, if you walk far enough, all the way to Tokyo Station.

Massive Metro lines map inside Tokyo Station.

One of many Otemachi Sta. Metro street entrances in Otemachi – this one right next to Sapia Tower.

Well, that’s it for now. Ootemori is definitely worth a look/trip. It’s easy to get to on the Metro lines and can keep you interested for an entire day or night.









Tokyo Station City




Ootemori on YouTube



Toranomon Superguide Part 2

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©2020 tenmintokyo.com

Name: Toranomon

Kind: Town

Where: 1-chome, 23-1~4, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Location: 35°39’55.04″ N 139°44’46.09″ E

Station: Toranomon Sta. on the Metro Ginza Line

Our Rating: ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑

Worth it? Don’t miss it.

Last updated 8/7/2020

Page may take some time to load due to photos.

Be sure to see Part 1 of this guide.

For info on how to get here, also see Part 1.

A Few More Photos

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Facing north on Rt. 405 looking at Toranomon Hills at night. Note the spotless street pavement.

There are plenty of interesting side streets in Toranomon. Feel free to wander around + explore. If you head south on Rt. 405 towards Shimbashi, there’s a lot of good food + there’s also the Avant Cycles shop on the west side of the street.

Avant Cycles shop. High-end racing bikes. A bike is a must-have in Tokyo.

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Plenty of high-end Japanese shops fill the areamany of them with astonishingly good nighttime lighting.

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Caffé Veloce has a retro 1950’s vibe – but it’s known for not having the best coffee in Tokyo. It does have some pretty decent cheap food, though – such as hot dogs for around $2.00 USD.

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Just across from the main Toranomon Hills complex is the Good Morning Cafe + Grill. It’s right on the corner and has lots of open air outdoor seating. Be sure to give it a try. There is also one in Shibuya and Harajuku.

TREX Toranomon Café

Just behind Good Morning Cafe + Grill is TREX Toranomon Café + bike shop. You can rent bikes here – or take a paid bike tour around Tokyo. The bike shop is out front, and the café is in a smaller bldg. around the back. Both definitely worth a look.

©2019-2020 tenmintokyo.com
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More Good Stuff

Rt. 409 (Hibiya-Dori) which runs E-W + intersects Rt. 405 (the main street in Toranomon) has some interesting things to see + do. At the southwest corner of this intersection is The Monument of the Site of Asano Takuminokami’s death (Asano was involved in the famous medevial Japanese Legend of the 47 Ronin – which was made into a US film in 2013).

Directly across the street to the east of this is the SHINTORA-DORI CORE – a mixed used development which also has a huge coffee shop on the ground floor.

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If you head west on Rt. 409, Ueshima Coffee Lounge No. 11 is at 35°39’45.62″ N 139°45’10.39″ E. They also have a wide variety of sandwhiches + other food. The Iwatani HQ mentioned in Part 1 is right across the street.

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Ueshima Coffee Lounge No. 11. The place is spotless. There are several of these around Tokyo – and one in Taipei also.

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Ueshima Coffee Lounge No. 11

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Rt. 409 (Hibiya-Dori) facing east. At night this is an interesting stroll. If you follow 409 far enough east for several miles, it will eventually take you to Hibiya Park and the Imperial Palace.

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©2019-2020 tenmintokyo.com

Stunning fall trees in Hibiya.

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Heading in the opposite direction – east – leads to this monster Family Mart + Miyamoto Drug.

©2019-2020 tenmintokyo.com

… and a Maruetsupetit organic supermarket.

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Facing south on Rt. 405 towards Shimbashi/Shiodome. Again, note the spotless pavement.

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There are all kinds of other interesting side streets/paths to explore.

©2019-2020 tenmintokyo.com

Even small side streets are usually clean + well-lit.

©2019-2020 tenmintokyo.com

Tokyo has spotless pavement – mainly because all plastic waste is collected, recycled, and plowed into new road pavement to make it rubbery + elastic so it doesn’t chip or crack. The plastic gets reused, and the country gets better roads. Brilliant. You rarely see any road gravel in Tokyo. The only downside is Japan hasn’t mastered bike lanes yet – as indicated by the double arrow + cyclist icons on the right.

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©2019-2020 tenmintokyo.com

Vending machines are good for quick, cheap drinks. You can now also pay electronically via IC railway cards such as Suica in most places. Suica also supports payment via smartphone or Apple Watch.

沖縄でもSuica利用へ、国交省が仕組み導入検討 「来県者に利便性 ...

Japan’s Suica electronic rail IC card. You add money to the card, then use it at electronic turnstyles at train stations to pay your fare. You can also use them at convenience stores and most vending machines.

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Another abandoned bike in Tokyo – an all too common occurrence.

Atago Green Hills Mori Tower

Just to the west of Toranomon Hills complex is Atago Green Hills Mori Tower – another mixed-use complex worth checking out at 35°39’50.56″ N 139°44’58.20″ E. This complex includes a huge park + a nice restaurant with a view of Tokyo looking down on Tokyo Tower. The NHK Museum of Broadcasting is also here.

Zojo-ji Temple

Further to the west down Rt. 403 just south of Tokyo Tower is world-famous Zojo-ji Temple. You can easily walk to it from Toranomon.


Well, that’s it for the Toranomon Superguide. We hope you found it useful. Enjoy your stay. You can easily spend a few days in the area and see everything. If you also want to see Shimbashi + Akasaka too, plan on a week or so for all 3. You can stay in one of the inexpensive hotels in Toranomon (such as APA), or one in Akasaka. There is also a First Cabin on a main street in Akasaka. It is conveniently located + has a Key’s Cafe embedded right inside it. There is also a Tully’s Coffee just around the corner. Or choose the very nice APA #215 Hotel Shimbashi Toranomon. If you do stay in Akasaka, be sure to check out the excellent Akasaka SACAS area.

Additional Photos

Looking east in front of Toranomon Hills.

There are lots of great restaurants and shops on the backstreets.

And some great restaurants under overpasses + between streets.


New subway station opens near Tokyo’s Toranomon high-rise complex


Ueshima Coffee Lounge No. 11 @ cia.tokyo

Ueshima Coffee Lounge Taipei

Good Morning Cafe + Grill

TREX Toranomon Café

Saddle Up: Getting a Bicycle in Japan

Atago Green Hills

NHK Museum of Broadcasting

Tokyo Midtown Hibiya

Zojo-ji Temple

47 Ronin

Samurai Archives Japanese History Page


Hibiya – Tokyo’s Elegant Walk

Name: Hibiya

Kind: Town/City

Location: 35°40’27.73″ N 139°45’45.92″ E

Station: Otemachi Station on Toyko Metro Subway or Hibya Station (Chiyoda Line, Hibiya Line).

Free Wifi: Yes

Our Rating: ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑

Worth it? Absolutely do not miss it, no matter what.

Last Updated: 2/2/21

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Hibiya is a small area of eastern Tokyo sandwhiched south of the Maronuchi/Imperial Palace area, but north of Shimbashi to the south. Ginza is just to the east.

The main street is called Hibiya Dori or Rt. 409. Hibiya is home to many very upscale hotels, restaurants, and shops. There is also a huge park – Hibiya Park – just on the west side of Hibiya Dori with dazzling gardens, lakes, an open-air concert hall, and several public tennis courts. There is also a Metro subway station – Hibiya Station – on the Hibiya Line and Chiyoda Line. If you’re looking for a good hostel, you can check out https://wiseowlhostels.com/tokyo/ just across from Hatchobori Station on the Hibiya Line just to the east.

WISE OWL HOSTELS TOKYO 3-22-9 Hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-5541-2960 Fax: 03-5541-2961
Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line・Keiyo Line「Hatchobori station」
30-sec walk from B1 or A1 Exit.

A great stroll or bike ride can be had from approx. 35°40’17.74″ N 139°45’23.26″ E all the way north to the Imperial Palace along Hibiya Dori Ave. There are epic hotels, glittering shops, and endless restaurants. In the evening in particular, this makes a great little diversion. At the very north end near the Imperial Palace is the upscale Tokyo Midtown Hibiya shopping + dining complex.

A quick turn to the right (east) a few blocks south of the Imperial Palace Moat takes you right into Yurakucho Station and Ginza on the JR and Yurakucho lines. There is also a jumbo-sized Tully’s Coffee with free charging ports right across from the moat at ground level on the street. The small stone sentry towers on the street corners around the moat date all the way back to the 1600’s and are popular spots for wedding photos.

File:Tokyo Midtown Hibiya-3.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
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Tokyo Midtown Hibiya doesn’t disappoint.

You can also also get here from Akasaka by heading west and then turning south near the old Ministry of Justice bldg.

©2019 tenmintokyo.com

The Old Ministry of Justice Bldg. just north of Hibiya.

©2019 tenmintokyo.com

From the Old Ministry of Justice Bldg. head south along the moat. The Imperial Palace is out of view on the left. Hibiya is straight ahead.

©2019 tenmintokyo.com

Turn left for an epic walk along Hibiya Dori.

If you go just a little further north, you can turn right into Tokyo Station 2 blocks to the east. Just to the north are more luxurious hotels, and another small park.

Hotels to the north of the Imperial Palace. A 17th century stone sentry post is on the left.

©2019 tenmintokyo.com

Imperial Palace just north of Hibiya.

©2019-2020 tenmintokyo.com

A small park between Imperial Palace and Tokyo Station.

Well, that’s it. Enjoy exploring and walking around Hibiya. There’s lots of great stuff to see and do here. Here’s a Metro subway map:

Additional Photos



Tokyo Midtown Hibiya


Hidden Ueno Side Street

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Name: Unknown

Kind: Street

Location: Approx. 35°42’34.55″ N 139°46’16.85″ E

There’s a really nice little side street in Ueno worth checking out.

It’s just to the south of Shinobazu Pond, and it’s easy to get to.

From the south tip of Ueno Park, head south on the west sidewalk and head down a side alley on the right to get onto the sidewalk sourrounding Shinobazu Pond.

Head left (south) around the pond.

As the sidewalk turns around to the south, look for the entrance on the left. There’s a street light on your left. The entrance to the side street is shown on Google Earth below. The top in this case is south:

Turn left out of the pond area, and cross the street. The entrance to the hidden street is straight ahead, and is shown here on the right (you’ll be entering from the left side of the frame). The pond area entrance is shown directly on the left in this photo – just cross the street straight ahead of the pond exit when you come out.

Especially at night, this street is interesting:

If you go 2 blocks south on this street, you’ll end up on the 2nd busiest street on the east side of Ueno Station. There is also a big Don Quijote discount store on that street shown here:

This Don Quijote also has cheap food: $1.78 1 liter mixed vegetable drinks, and $1.78 1 liter UCC Coffee. And some cheap snacks. Can’t go wrong.

As a footnote, if you turn to the right when you come out of the pond area instead of going straight @ the light, you’ll find a lot of good hotels on the south side of the street as you head east – including a women’s-only hostel – the Centurion Ladies’ Hostel, shown here:

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As an interesting historical footnote, Shinobazu Pond was a strategic security point during the Tokugawa Shogunate, and a temple was built there to serve as a north guardpost to help defend the Imperial Palace. The site was also of historical significance in the Boshin War in the mid-1800’s.


Ueno Superguide


Shinobazu Pond

Don Quijote Ueno

Don Quijote – Japan’s Best Discount Store

DON QUIJOTE – The Most Awesome Discount Store in Japan

Centurion Ladies’ Hostel Ueno Park

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